What People Are Saying

We take great pride in what our patients say about us. Take a look at what some of our patients have shared about their experience at Bense Body.

Three months post CoolSculpting for my upper/lower abdomen. I am amazed at the results. I lost 3.5” from lower abdomen and 2” from my upper abdomen.
-Colleen D

I would highly, highly recommend Bense Surgi Spa to anyone who might be on the fence or feeling a little intimidated. You will be treated with respect and understanding, and you won’t feel self-conscious.
-Debra A

I didn’t want to have pictures taken or to stand in the mirror and assess my body, but they assured me this would show the progression and improvements of the CoolSculpting. I felt comfortable and safe in their hands.
-Glennon S

As I criticized parts of my body these ladies told me how beautiful I was.
-Sandi L

I used to wear shapewear everyday! Now, I don't even reach for it. My clothes fit better and some are now too big! But, an even better feeling...I recently bought a dress that I wouldn't have considered before CoolSculpting, but it looks great! And no need for shapewear!
-Glenda B

I am really enjoying my CoolSculpting results. For years I couldn't wear certain clothes as they were too tight on my arms. This goes back to my teenage years where I would cut the sleeves to fit. After two treatments I bought a shirt I would never considered and now I can. It fits!
-Hannah J

These women are highly skilled and trained with this equipment and know what works best for your body. I trust their expertise and their opinions and am excited to meet with them again for our next consult.
-Kelly T

The results I have had from two rounds of Cool Sculpting have worked. There’s no other way to say it. Years of working out couldn’t tackle those tough areas. I feel more confident in the shape of my body now, how my clothes fit, and how I look.
-Brad D

We are so hard on ourselves, but the Team at Bense Surgi Spa showed me positivity and kindness and celebrated all the good things I was doing to transform my body and improve my overall health.
-Jacquelyn B

They talked me through every assessment, every hand placement, every technique and their words were always kind and encouraging. More importantly, I never felt judged.
-Gayle M

It can be really hard to walk into a room, disrobe and point out the things you don’t like about your body to people you just met. But when I met Allison, Jackie and Hope all of that anxiety disappeared.
-Sara N

My experience with Hope and CoolSculpting at Bense SurgiSpa in St. John's, Newfoundland, is probably the best thing I've ever done for myself.
-Gloria F

I would highly recommend this treatment. It works amazing, and I am so glad that I had it done. Now, if we could get some warm weather so I could show off my new arms.
-Jeanette P

My experience was very positive. Hope was very reassuring and patient with me during my consult and appointments...The facility is very nice and I felt very cozy and at home during my CoolSculpting experience.
-Nellie P

You always go above and beyond for your clients and that's why people keep going to your clinic. I love trying new treatments and when you brought CoolSculpting to NL, I couldn't wait.
-Sandra W

Allison and the entire staff are so knowledgeable, kind, respectful and professional. They go above and beyond to make you feel 100% comfortable and confident no matter which procedure you're interested in
-Shirley W

Seeing the before and after pictures was absolutely incredible! I was shocked, amazed, and elated, and only 5 weeks post-treatment! I can't say enough about this amazingly effective treatment and the incredible Bense team.
-James C

After just one CoolSculpting treatment, the difference was amazing. I finally feel confident in my side profile and am so happy I decided to start the journey in my 20's to a more confident me.
-Tara Lynn

This is exactly what I hoped for, just to feel a little more confident wearing the clothes and styles that I love! Now I don't feel like I have to try and camouflage my belly!
-Tina B