Velvet Eyeliner and Lash Enhancement


This beautiful technique is ideal for anyone who wants their eyes to look bigger and brighter! This is perfect for those who want a look that stays polished all day and night, and don’t want the hassle of applying and removing eyeliner every day!

You can choose winged eyeliner, shaded eyeliner, a natural look or any other style you want. You can also enhance the lash line by softly shading, which will make your lashes appear thicker, darker and longer.

If you are not considering the full Classic eyeliner look, the Lash Line Enhancement will be perfect for you.

Our pigments are vegan, of the highest quality, environmentally friendly and provide beautiful, natural results. All paramedical procedures are advanced and performed with disposable sterile tools. We use pigments which are of the highest quality, environmentally friendly and terminologically proven and give beautiful results.

Whether the intention is a very thin lash line, creating the illusion of a thick dark base to the eyelashes to open the eyes, or a medium width eyeliner for those who love that smoky affect, or a more classic winged look, applying permanent eyeliner has the unique ability to create any illusion you desire.

This method requires delicately, placing pigment along the lash line and is also a popular treatment for those with sparse lashes, hair, loss, and/or alopecia.

This technique is safe for those with sensitive skin, and for clients who wear contact lenses.

Although color retention may vary according to individual skin types, our permanent velvet eyeliner is safe for any age, gender and skin type.


For starting out, our design process begins with a more natural lash line enhancement as a sort of trial run for a permanent style. You can always start small and add more as you go when receiving touchups.

You can expect your initial appointment to last up to 2 hours, including your numbing time and pre-treatment teaching and preparation. In order to obtain full beautiful results, you can expect a ‘perfecting session’ 4-5 weeks post the initial session.

Please note that right after the procedure the eyeliner will have darker tones and look thicker. After a few days it will get a more natural look.

With all paramedical tattooing treatments, clients can expect gradual fading, which will vary from person to person, based on age, health, lifestyle, skin care routine, diet, sun exposure, and body chemistry.


Although results may vary from person to person, after your perfecting session, results last 1-3 years. On oily skin, it may last up to 2 years. With annual touch ups, your refreshed results will last longer, and are recommended.


To best determine your pricing and time allotment, please contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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