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Who Is Your Coolsculpting Provider?

Our team of Bense Body CoolScultping experts are taking treatment plans AND results to a whole new level! #masterlevel

The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT decision you’ll make is who you let freeze your fat. That person is the difference in the results you’ll see and the advice you’ll get. Here’s our best advice on what to look for when selecting a #coolsculptingpro ??

1) Ask about their TRAINING

2) Ask about their CONTINUED EDUCATION

3) Ask about their EXPERIENCE

4) Ask about their TECHNOLOGY

5) Is there a DOCTOR PRE-APPROVING candidacy and overseeing the journey?

5) Read PATIENT REVIEWS and review their BEFORE & AFTER PORTFOLIO – aka patients they personally have treated!

The Bense Body CoolSculpting team is the most experienced in the province – that means we have performed more treatments than any other CoolSculpting provider. Every patient is seen by our doctor prior to treatment to confirm candidacy and followed throughout their entire journey. We are trained to MASTER LEVEL which is the highest trained provider around here. We are the ONLY Dual CoolSculpting provider in NL – the most advanced level technology in Canada. We love what we do – and we’re good at it! #coolsculpting

Let’s chat about your personal goals. Book a Bense Body CoolSculpting Consultation with our amazing team… it’s free.