Coolsculpting VS. Submental Fat Injections

(Mesotherapy, Kybella, Deoxycholic acid)

As a team of highly educated medical professionals and leading experts in skin, injectables, and Coolsculpting, we’ve learned that we best serve our patients with a holistic approach. We do this by matching their specific needs to the treatment plan that is most appropriate. When it comes to destroying fat, at Bense Bodythat means two things:

#1 – We treat patients using COOLSCULPTING from head to toe to destroy fat cells permanently. CoolScultping is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment and it’s been performed over 11 MILLION times worldwide in over 80 countries. In fact, Coolsculpting can eliminate a double chin in as little as 2 sessions and little to no downtime, as opposed to several sessions and possibility of significant swelling using other injectable fat reducing treatments.

#2 – However, when it comes to JOWLS AND JAWLINES (above the chin), we recommend a different treatment called MESOTHERAPY, a long-time proven and effective fat-dissolving injectable for smaller pockets of fat with spectacular results. Sometimes, in combination with CoolScultping on the double chin and depending on your desired goal we’ll add tissue filler to the treatment plan for an even more defined jawline. #chisled

Want to talk about your personal goals? Book a FREE CONSULTATION with our certified CoolSculpting technician and overseeing physician. We’ve been a leader in medical aesthetics for over 21 years and our experience, education, and expertise show. On you!