Double the treatment in half the time

Save time and receive two treatments at once with Dual CoolSculpting technology, only available at Bense Body.

What is Dual CoolSculpting?

Dual CoolSculpting uses two CoolSculpting machines in one treatment session to save you time while eliminating stubborn fat for good. Bense Body is the only location in Newfoundland and Labrador to deliver this advanced CoolSculpting technique.

Eliminate stubborn fat faster.


Benefits of Dual CoolSculpting

Freeze your fat cells away faster with Dual CoolSculpting. We use two CoolSculpting machines to simultaneously deliver the leading-edge nonsurgical fat-reduction treatment quickly, safely and effectively.

Save time

With our non-invasive treatment delivered by two machines at the same time, get back to your daily life with little to no downtime.

Faster results

Whether you're getting ready for an upcoming event (beach vacation, anyone?) or just need to get back to life ASAP, reshape your body quickly with Dual CoolSculpting.

Proven technology

Developed by world-renowned physicians, FDA- and Health Canada-cleared with over 11 million treatments performed worldwide in over 80 countries, CoolSculpting is safe, proven, and effective.

Visible outcomes

Kill up to 27% of fat cells in a targeted area with a single treatment.